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Welcome to, the link shortener designed for game influencers and marketers.

A can be added to any media, is clear and easy to communicate through word of mouth, and is backed by a comprehensive data analytics suite. 

Games Only

Links you can trust

Unlike other link shorteners, only games can be shared on a, so audiences, publishers and developers can click the link with confidence.


Control Your

Publishers have complete control over the branding of their, and can set up as many purchase, wishlist or other links as needed.

Future Proof

Link management

Videos and social posts can be popular for years, having an active removes the risk of broken links and can be updated anytime, so you never lose any traffic.

More than a link shortener

Why use a


Our attribution system allows you to track campaign performance, making affiliate marketing a breeze

Bot Free

Automatic bot screening and integrated ReCaptcha minimizes click fraud


Detailed tracking and reporting with 3rd party integrations available, giving you all the data you need in one dashboard

Intuitive is easy to communicate to potential buyers


Use links in digital advertising, content marketing and social campaigns to measure effectiveness

White label

With full customization options, is the perfect tool for game marketers

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